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Fiddle Instruction

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No longer tethered to the classroom

Winifred has helped hundreds of fiddlers improve their skills, bringing them closer to their full potential.

Until recently, she needed to be with the students, which severely limited the numbers of people she could reach, but with the advent of Skype, she can now teach anyone in the world with a broadband connection live via the internet.
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Lessons via Skype

Not in the Boston area? No worries. Winifred offers private lessons on computer via Skype, so fiddlers can learn at home anywhere in the world.

Following the first lesson, Winifred will tailor instruction specifically for the student.

Lessons can be purchased via PayPal, the internet’s most popular secure payment method.

It’s safe, convenient and flexible.

Contact Winifred to enquire about or schedule lessons.

. . . or in person

Winifred is available for private lessons in person within the seacoast region of New Hampshire down through the northern Boston, Massachusetts area.

As with Skype lessons, instruction will be tailor made to each student after the first lesson.

Contact Winifred to enquire about or schedule lessons.
See if you’re within 60 miles.
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